Forms & Permits

Dog License Application

Use the same form for individuals or kennels

Beverage and Cigarette License Applications

The following applications should be used to apply for or renew Cigarette and Beverage Licenses:
(Forms must be printed, filled out and returned to the Town Clerk)

Cigarette and Tobacco Retail License App

Operator's License

Rezoning and Conditional Use Applications

If you wish to rezone a property or apply for a conditional use, you must make application to both the Town of Caledonia and Columbia County Planning and Zoning.

The application forms below are to be used to make application to the Town of Caledonia. Contact Columbia County Planning and Zoning for County Application Information. Print and fill out the appropriate application form.

Applications must be sent to the Town Clerk and include applicable fees.

Town Application for Rezoning and Conditional Use
For an editable copy in rft format click here

County Application for Rezoning