Planning Commission:
*Above meetings are subject to change, check posted meeting notices
at posting locations
Monthly Town Board Meeting: Second Wednesday at 7 pm

Monthly Planning Commission:  First Wednesday at 6:30 pm

Annual Meeting of the Electorate: Second Tuesday in April
The Planning Commission meets the first Monday* of each month  
at the Town Hall

Meeting dates and times are subject to change - check posting
locations to verify.

Applications for rezoing must  be submitted to the Town Clerk no later
than the 20th of the month in order to be placed on the next months
Planning Commission agenda.
Town Government
Planning Commission Members:
Comprehensive Planning :
One of the primary functions of the planning commission is the
development of the Town's Comprehensive Development Plan.  The
creation and implementation of this plan is mandated by the State of
more info
Documents & Forms
Visit our Comp Plan
information on the Town's  
Development Plan

Applications for
Rezoning and
Conditional use
Zoning Information:
If you have zoning questions, contact a Planning Commission
member or the
Columbia County Planning and Zoning office.

If you wish to apply for rezoning you must apply to both the Town
and Columbia County Planning and Zoning.  
Application Forms
Eric Anderson - Chair
LIz Miller
James Zamzow
Kevin O'Neill
Sandy Nachreiner
Judy Nachreiner
Jamie Ramsay