Dog Licensing

All dogs 5 months old & older must be licensed.

Male or Female         $12.00 per animal
Neutered Male          $  6.00
Spayed Female          $  6.00

Complete Application Form   

Download Form:  PDF  or MS Word

Send/bring completed form with payment by January 31.  
Proof of Rabies Vaccination is required at time of licensing.

Multiple Dog License Application:  (use form above)

Licenses up to 12 dogs for $35.00.  A list of: name, breed,
color and rabies information, for each dog, is required.

*When mailing Dog License Application:  
Include a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope
Note:  Because the Town of Caledonia does not require
licenses for cats, it is NOT responsible for the cost of
abandoned cats.  Contact Columbia County Humane Society
for pick-up of stray cats.  All costs are the responsibility of the
person requesting pick-up.