Town Government
Town Comprehensive Plan
Villages, Cities and Counties within the State, adopt a development plan by 2010.  Shortly thereafter
Columbia County began working with local Towns to begin the process of developing a comprehensive
development plan.

In 2003 the Town of Caledonia established a
Planning Commission to work with the County in
developing the Town's plan.  In addition, the Planning Commission reviews all rezoning applications and
applications for conditional use.

The Planning Commission has recommended a draft plan to the Town Board and encourages members
of the Public to review the plan and provide comment.  There is a copy of the Plan available for review at
the Portage Public Library.  Electronic copies are available at the links below.  You may contact the
Planning Commission Chair,
John Exo, or one of the Town Board Members if you have questions or
would like more information.

The Planning Commission held an informational open house to review the Plan on March 7.  The event
was well attended and most of the feedback received was positive.

There will be a public hearing on the Plan at the Town Annual Meeting on April 14 at 7 p.m. at the Town
Hall.  This hearing may be the last opportunity for the public to comment on the Plan before the Town
Board considers action on the Plan

See links below to view the Town's Draft Plan.

Town of Caledonia's Adopted Comp Plan
Town of Caledonia's Comp Plan Maps

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For more Information on Comprehensive Planning:

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